Premium Goat Milk Skin Care Products


Goat Milk has a PH level very similar to our own, which protects the skin from harmful bacteria and chemicals by not stripping its natural oils and healing properties.
It also contains natural alpha hydroxy. great for removing dead skin cells. Goat milk also has the benefit of natural glycerin which occurs in the cured soap.


Goat milk soap products contain many natural ingredients that are beneficial to the health of your skin.
Our homemade soaps are all natural which are good for the environment, completely biodegradable and safe enough to use on baby's new skin as well as your own precious skin.


Honey, a centuries-old beauty secret known for its skin softening properties, has become a popular ingredient in our goat milk products. Honey has antiseptic properties which help kill bacteria, which makes it an ideal acne fighter as well. Honey also has the ability to penetrate deep into the underlying layers of the skin's epidermis allowing for better absorption.
Glycerin is a natural by-product in the soap making process. It is used because it is a humectant, which means it attracts moisture to your skin.
Borax is added to our products because it is a natural softener.

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